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Fort McMurray Office

Our main office is located at the edge of the Athabasca River overlooking the main bridges which connect Fort McMurray.



9906 Sutherland Street
Fort McMurray, Alberta
T9H 1V4

Tel. (780) 791-9979

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The building contains several meeting rooms including mirror boardrooms that can be expanded to become one of the largest boardrooms in Fort McMurray.

We also have several meeting rooms named after lawyers. One such room is the Mason room. Former Fort McMurray lawyer Sam Mason arrived in Fort McMurray to practice law in the mid 1970’s. He remained in the region for more than 30 years before moving to the Toronto area.

Our offices contain modern computer networking systems. This allows us to easily connect with our clients throughout the world and to meet the growing trend of communicating via the internet with written, audio and video forms of communication.

The Fort McMurray office also contains a large selection of paintings, objects of interest and local historical photography.

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